Time lapse of daily weather data from a climate model that was modified to "The Wheel of Time" world map. Data shown are the jet stream (red and yellow arrows), surface winds (white arrows) and surface pressure anomalies (blue = low / red = high pressure).

UPDATE 06/2022

I am happy to announce that the visualisation above won the first place in the Jean Golding Institute “Beauty of Data Competition”.

After the successfull Dune outreach work, we used the current media interest around the Amazon Prime TV adaptation of “The Wheel of Time” to engage new audiences to talk about climate science.

There is some evidence that the WoT world is actually set on our own Earth, but approximately 18,000 years into the future. We therefore address the question: Would today’s climate change still be experienced in the World of the Wheel? We adjusted a climate model to the WoT world to find the answer.

As for our Dune work, I added a new interactive visualisation for one full year of the simualted WoT weather at climatearchive.org/wot with a short animation at the top. You can read our full, easy-to-understand article about our results at The Conversation.