Sebastian Steinig

Senior Research Associate in Physical Geography


University of Bristol

12 Berkeley Square

Bristol BS8 1HB

I am a climate scientist at the University of Bristol, working to understand how and why the climate system changes through time. I combine computer models with observations and palaeoclimate reconstructions to understand and constrain the physical mechanisms of past and future climate change.

I am particularly interested in making our complex climate data accessible to more people, from scientists in other disciplines to policy makers and the general public. I develop hands-on, interactive visualisations to share the beauty of the underlying environmental data and give people new tools to make informed, data-driven decisions about their own futures. I am currently developing the Climate Archive platform to allow anyone to explore hundreds of millions of years of climate change and put it in the context of projected future climate change.

Browse some examples of my research and outreach work on this site and please contact me via the platforms at the bottom if you would like to discuss any of this further!

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